Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Practice

Our absolute commitment to successful delivery and quality client and candidate care is why the majority of our business is from long-standing clients or by direct referral.

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The Middle East is a booming region for tourism with more than 52 million international tourist arrivals each year. With the region quickly becoming the preferred gateway between East and West, the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries across the region are ideally placed to benefit from increases in global interconnectivity. Over the coming years, there will be a number of significant sporting attractions, trade conferences and more drawing new and unprecedented visitors to the GCC and beyond. This will fuel the region’s tourism industry, requiring more hotels, leisure facilities and restaurants and catering provisions for the increased number of visitors.

As the Middle East is renowned for an unparalleled level of hospitality and services to both its rapidly expanding populations of citizens and resident expatriates, as well as its rising number of visitors, Moorland Gray understands that the region is positioned at the forefront of these sectors and requires global best-in-class executive leaders with unique skill sets, appetites for challenge, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Our team of industry experts possesses deep understandings of the regional trends and opportunities across the tourism, hospitality and leisure space. We are well-suited for and highly experienced in advising our executive search clients and securing for them the specialized industry leaders who will help build and grow some of the exciting concepts and supporting infrastructure that will be launching in the coming years.

The Moorland Gray Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Practice provides nuanced industry insights, stellar worldwide networks, unrivalled regional scale and extensive executive search experience. This is translated into first-rate retained search solutions and resulting long-term partnerships with leading organizations within both the Middle East region, in which we are based, and the frontier, emerging and developed global markets to which our network presence extends across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Moorland Gray specializes in cross-functional Board-level, C-suite, critical management and highly technical senior executive placements across a broad range of sub-sectors within the following industry categories:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Catering
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Leisure Activities

The Moorland Gray search process is uniquely transparent, communicative and customizable to each clients' needs. Our Partners and Practice Heads lead each search mandate, consulting with clients to understand stakeholder and organizational requirements and ideals for the hire, and then using research-backed market intelligence and carefully honed subject matter expertise to translate that understanding into the most suitable strategy for each search.

The Moorland Gray leadership remains actively engaged throughout the entire search process, serving as primary points of contact and holding absolute accountability for search delivery at every step of the journey – from assignment acquisition through to shortlisting, candidate screening, offer management, on-boarding and beyond.

Our Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Practice is also backed by an in-house research team composed of Associates and supporting Analysts who are detail-oriented, industry-focused and who help enable our unrivaled ability to deliver successfully on complex, challenging searches that require large magnitude or multi-faceted outreach.

The scale and expertise of our seasoned team ensures high-quality, targeted search execution and allows for the compilation of in-depth industry analysis and detailed continuous reporting, which provides full visibility of the talent landscape as well as of our candidate engagement progress, nuanced screenings and comparative criteria-based assessments. Our proprietary process ensures client satisfaction across the full assignment lifecycle.

Moorland Gray has become the trusted long-term search partner of choice for a multitude of entities that appreciate our confidentiality and discretion as much as our value-added services that provide compensation insights, support gender diversity and nationalization campaigns, and enable clients to build their own pools of global talent for future requirements.


With executive search success since 2007 in the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure industry segment, Moorland Gray has amassed an impressive track record, including the following sample of recent placements:

  • Chief Executive Officer – Hospitality
  • Chief Financial Officer – Asset Manager, Hotel Owner and Operator
  • Head of Asset Management – Hotel Owner and Operator
  • Chief Sales and Marketing Officer – Tourism and Asset Management
  • Chief Development Officer – Hospitality
  • Head of Sponsorship – Leisure
  • Chief HR Officer – Hospitality
  • Head of Customer Services – Leisure