Real Estate and Construction Practice

Our absolute commitment to successful delivery and quality client and candidate care is why the majority of our business is from long-standing clients or by direct referral.

For further information on our recent track record and capabilities in your particular geographic or industry area, or to arrange a discussion about your organization’s partnership needs, please contact our team by phone on +971 (0)4 279 6300.

The real estate and construction sectors are significant contributors to economic growth in the GCC. Since 2007, more than $500 billion worth of civil construction projects have been awarded in the GCC. As of Q1 2015, the total number of planned and un-awarded construction projects exceeds $1.09 trillion (c. two-thirds of the GCC’s annual GDP). This is being driven by a range of interconnected factors including substantial population growth and resulting residential housing requirements, long-term investments into economic diversification, and rapid infrastructure developments and enhancements (especially in areas of education and healthcare).

Our Real Estate and Construction Practice has been a cornerstone of the Moorland Gray business through high-growth and downturn periods alike, and is a practice through which our clients derive particular value from our commitment to and contextual understandings of the GCC and broader Middle East, South East Asian and African regions. The Moorland Gray team is deeply embedded within regional sector trends affecting emerging and developing markets, allowing nuanced insights into the corresponding evolution of senior leadership and specialized hire requirements faced by our clients as they look to meet unprecedented challenges, rise to new opportunities, and realize their plans for success. Moorland Gray serves as a true partner in this regard, providing our real estate and construction industry clients with consultative advisory capabilities, best-in-class executive search services, unrivalled regional scale with global connectivity and reliable results.

The Moorland Gray Real Estate and Construction Practice is rapidly expanding its geographic footprint of clientele, with a current predominant focus on existing clients across the emerging and developing markets of the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. Drawing on more than 20 years of executive search experience gained with clients in this region, our team leadership has successfully completed a wide range of mandates by establishing networks of construction and real estate expertise locally as well as globally. Recent mandates have attracted best-in-class talent from Australia, the U.S., UK, India, South Africa and from within the GCC.

Moorland Gray specializes in cross-functional Board-level, C-suite, critical management and highly technical senior executive placements across a range of construction and real estate industry sub-sectors. Our focus areas include:

  • Construction Majors
  • Developers (Private, Government and Semi-Government Entities)
  • REITs
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds and Private Equity Firms (with significant Real Estate stakes)
  • Family Conglomerates (with significant Real Estate stakes)
  • Real Estate Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Professional Design and Management Services

The Moorland Gray search process is uniquely transparent, communicative and customizable to each client’s needs. Our Partners and Practice Heads lead each search mandate, consulting with clients in depth to understand stakeholder and organizational requirements and ideals for the hire, and then use research-backed market intelligence and carefully honed subject matter expertise to translate that understanding into the most suitable strategy for each search.

The Moorland Gray Real Estate and Construction Practice leadership remains actively engaged throughout the entire search process, serving as primary points of contact and holding absolute accountability for search delivery at every step of the journey – from assignment acquisition through to shortlisting, candidate screening, offer management, on-boarding and beyond. Our Practice is also backed by an in-house research team composed of Associates and supporting Analysts who are detail-oriented and industry-focused, and who help enable our unrivalled ability to deliver successfully on complex, challenging searches that require large magnitude or multi-faceted outreach. The scale and expertise of our seasoned team ensures high-quality, targeted search execution and allows for the compilation of in-depth industry analysis and detailed continuous reporting, which provides full visibility of the talent landscape as well as of our candidate engagement progress, nuanced screenings and comparative criteria-based assessments. Our proprietary process ensures client satisfaction across the full assignment lifecycle.

Moorland Gray has become the trusted long-term search partner of choice for a multitude of forward-thinking organisations that rely on our expertise and comprehensive research-backed executive search process to consistently turn their most critical senior openings into competitive advantages. Find out for more information on Moorland Gray’s Executive Search process and capabilities.


With executive search success in the real estate and construction space since 2007, Moorland Gray has completed hundreds of local and global assignments completed across the full spectrum of functions for clients throughout our sub-sector specializations. Our extensive track record of success includes the following sample of recent placements:

  • Chief Executive Officer – Master Developer
  • Chief Executive Officer – Real Estate Investment Company
  • Chief Financial Officer – Real Estate Fund
  • Chief Financial Officer – Dubai Retail Development Company
  • Chief Financial Officer – Master Developer
  • Chief Operating Officer, Shopping Malls – Real Estate Investment Company
  • Chief Marketing Officer – Construction Materials Manufacturing Company
  • Finance Director – Real Estate Business
  • Head of Enterprise Architecture – Real Estate Business
  • Head of Business Solutions and Delivery – Real Estate Business
  • Senior QS/Commercial, Infrastructure – Investment/Development Company
  • International Director of Development – Master Developer
  • Commercial Director – Master Developer
  • Development Director – Master Developer
  • Construction Director – Master Developer
  • Head of International Development – Master Developer
  • General Manager – Cement Company
  • Head of Estimation – International Contractor
  • Technical Director – Cement Company
  • Head of Solutions & Delivery (ERP) – Development Company
  • Director of Development, Shopping Malls – Master Developer
  • Head of International Development – Master Developer
  • Development Director, Retail – Master Developer
  • Director of Estate Management – Master Developer, Sports & Leisure
  • Senior Project Director, Electrical – Master Developer
  • Senior Project Director, Mechanical – Master Developer
  • Head of Business Solutions and Architecture – Master Developer
  • General Manager, Contracting – Major International Contractor
  • Head of Real Estate Investment – Islamic Investment Business
  • Director of Sponsorship – Master Developer